Customers Love Steven!

Steven Martinez - Customer Happiness Engineer

Steven with wine

When I first saw Steven holding up the two delicious looking bottles of red wine, I thought how does he keep getting customers sending him gifts? Sure I’ve had some really cool gifts that customer’s gave me in person. But Steve’s deal went a bit further.

Steven’s customer not only picked out the wine for him, but she also took the time to package it up and ship it to him! How thoughtful and appreciative. And Steve was uber excited when he opened the package and saw his gift.

So I asked Steven what he helped R.S. with (we won’t use her name just in case other customer service folks didn’t get a gift of wine!) that made her so happy with his service.

First of all, Steven helped her with a custom designed ring. Which isn’t the easiest thing to do over the phone and email. But he had sourced some beautiful Green Tourmalines and photographed them with macro lens and described their subtle nuances. Once the stone was picked out the ring then had to be made to those specifics.

Secondly, she wanted a really top quality diamond (even higher quality than our normal premium quality, which is very nice) for a Black Titanium Diamond Ring. Again, Steven went through a bunch of our diamonds to select the best one we had. A VS clarity and F-G color! She was impressed.

Then when Steven heard she had lost her mother, Steven was touched and wrote her with some comforting words. Steven cares about his customers and it shows.

Back to the wine. I was a little bummed that he didn’t share it with me :-(
But he relates the wine was superb! Steven described it as “fragrant, tasted currents with a hint of pepper”.

For more information on the super duper Steven Martinez, check out our About Us page.

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