Custom Hardwood Rings & Wedding Bands

Make it Unique with rich Natural Hardwood

Create your own custom designed exotic hardwood ring. You choose the hardwood. You choose the metal base for your ring. You choose the design and finish on your ring. The options are many - the possibilities are endless!

The process: The wood is cut and inlaid into the ring. Then a protective resin is applied over the top of the wood. This helps protect the wood and also makes it look a little more glossy.

The wood inlay carries a 5 year guarantee. During this time if the wood gets overly scratched, breaks or falls out, we will replace it for you for only $59 plus shipping.

Each of the exotic hardwood options we offer are pictured below. The first image on the left is the wood in it's natural state. The middle image is after the resin has been applied. And the image on the right shows what that wood looks like set in the finished ring.

Available Exotic Hardwoods: Boxelder Burl, Canxan, Desert Ironwood, Desert Ironwood Burl, Koa, Leopardwood, Maple, Natural Cocobolo (Natcoco), Osage, Paduk, Redheart, Spalted Tamarin, Thuya, Wenge and now Whiskey Barrel

Lashbrook wood samples

Plus Whiskey Barrel!

Ready To Design Your Own Exotic Hardwood Ring?

Step 1: Choose your hardwood

Step 2: Choose your metal. Damascus steel, cobalt, black zirconium, titanium, 14k white gold, 14k rose gold and 14k yellow gold are all available.

Step 3: Choose your ring profile. Flat edge, rounded, step edge are available.

Step 4: Contact us so we can get started! Call us at 1-800-370-2646 or send us an email.

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