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Collection: Black Diamond

Elysium. Elysium rings are solid black diamond through and through. There is no material harder in the world. Diamond.Yes, these rings are solid diamond - black diamond. Your Elysium ring will last forever. The only thing that can scratch it is another diamond. It will always maintain it's original color and shine.

For most of history, it was the women who got all the diamonds. Maybe a guy would have a diamond in his ring, or a few diamonds at the most. But now you can have an entire ring made of diamond. Imagine wearing over 20 carats of diamond on your wedding finger. Now it is possible - without spending half a million dollars.

The technology required to make these solid diamond rings took decades to develop. Tens of millions of dollars went into developing the processes, and it is finally available to you. There is no other ring in the world that is like the Elysium black diamond ring. You won't scratch it, wear it out, or bend it. It's permanent. Diamonds are forever.

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