About Cobalt Rings

What is Cobalt Chrome?

Cobalt Chrome is an alloy composed of approximately 66-68% Cobalt, 26-28% Chromium and about 6% Molybdenum. It is noted for it's superb wear resistance. It is one of the newest metals to appear in menís rings. Similar to titanium and tungsten, cobalt chrome is a modern metal that is fast becoming a popular choice for men's wedding bands.

Cobalt-chromium alloys are bio compatible and completely inert. In fact, it is used in the medical industry for implants because of it's unique properties. Cobalt chrome is one of the most widely used materials in knee, hip, finger, dental and toe implants.

Cobalt Chrome is also used in the aerospace industry because it has good oxidation-corrosion resistance and high strength at elevated temperatures.

Cobalt Chrome is a beautifully bright white color - in fact it is brighter than even platinum. (And a fraction of the price of a platinum band.) It is scratch resistant, wonít tarnish, chip or break. (Unfortunately, a tungsten ring can chip or break upon very heavy impact due to brittleness. This will NOT happen with a cobalt ring.) Cobalt chrome is similar in weight to that of gold Ė heavier than titanium but lighter than tungsten carbide.

Reasons to consider a Cobalt Chrome Ring
  • Beautiful bright white color
  • Polished to a very high luster
  • Scratch resistant
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Will not crack or chip
  • Last forever
  • Very affordable

mens cobalt rings
Beautiful white color
Simply put Cobalt Chrome rings are the whitest rings you can buy. Bright white. Even a little whiter than platinum. White Gold needs to be rhodium plated to make it bright white. But that plating wears off from normal use. Then the true color comes out - kind of an off white with hints of yellow. Palladium is a bit grayer than Cobalt Chrome. Tungsten and titanium are also gray in color. Cobalt Chrome is naturally white, so it never needs replating.

Scratch resistant
Cobalt Chrome rings are very scratch resistant. But not scratch proof. (Tungsten rings are almost scratch proof.) However, a ring of cobalt will be more scratch resistant than a gray titanium ring, and much more scratch resistant than a gold, platinum, palladium or silver ring. Cobalt Chrome rings are 4X harder than platinum, 5X harder than 14K gold, and 7X harder than silver.

Cobalt Chrome is used for implants inside the body due to it's health qualities. These rings do not contain harmful alloys such as nickel. So you can wear your ring without worry about allergies.

Will not crack or shatter
Tungsten rings, while being nearly scratch proof, can crack or even shatter upon a hard impact. Cobalt Chrome rings will not do this. They are extremely resilient and strong.

Will last forever
Cobalt Chrome rings cannot be worn out. They won't shatter. You can wear this ring forever.

All of the benefits described above without breaking the bank. Many cobalt rings can be had for around $100. Adding precious metals or diamonds raises the price of course, but still a fraction of what a similar design in platinum would cost.

The designer brands we offer were chosen for their superior quality, designs and guarantees. If ever your cobalt ring should break, crack, chip, get bent we will replace it for you for only $59 plus shipping charges for 5 full years (Rings with diamonds must be returned with the diamonds intact.) These rings look, feel and wear amazingly well.

Many jewelers are beginning to appreciate the benefits of cobalt rings and offer these to their customers. As time goes by it will not be uncommon to see cobalt rings on many grooms fingers. Why not you?

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