Titanium Cable Jewelry

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Get a unique twist on classic jewelry styles by choosing something from this collection of titanium cable jewelry by Edward Mirell. Luxurious black cables made from 49 individual titanium wires are woven in to every design, creating more depth and texture than you'll find with plain metals. The cable is considered a memory alloy because it maintains its predetermined shape while still allowing for a degree of flexibility. This unique combination of properties is ideal for bracelets as well as rings, necklaces and more. Click to Read More.

Triple Black Titanium Cable Bracelet by Edward Mirell
Triple Black Ti Cable
by Edward Mirell

$659.00 $769.00
5 star rated

Despite how rugged these pieces look, the cable actually as a silky feel, so the bracelets and necklaces are comfortable to wear. Meanwhile, the cables add intricacy and contrast when used as an inlay in a ring. Because they are made with titanium, each piece of cable jewelry in this collection is exceptionally durable. Whether you want cable bracelets with diamonds, gold cable bangle bracelets or a stunning men's wedding band, you can find it among these beautiful and distinctive designs by Edward Mirell.

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