Two Most Popular Men’s Wedding Bands | A Ring of Truth

Two Most Popular Men’s Wedding Bands | A Ring of Truth

Is it that time? That time in your relationship where you need to start shopping for a mans wedding band. Then congratulations to you! This is a wonderfully special moment in your life.

There are a ton of choices out there for you to choose from for the guys ring. Back when I was getting married there was just a few choices. A gold (white or yellow) band, maybe with some diamonds if you wanted it a bit flashier, was pretty typical. If you wanted to splurge you bought a platinum band. But today, its way different. My gosh, there are a ton of choices for guys rings. Even here on our website we offer many different materials. For some folks, too many choices can cause anxiety and stress in deciding. Which may lead them to decision paralysis.

We are often asked by shoppers what are some of the more popular rings that are being purchased. So I am going to tell you what our two best selling mens wedding bands for the 3rd quarter 2016 are.

KOBE, Damascus Steel and 14K Red Gold

Guys are really gravitating to Damascus steel rings. They like the forged look of Damascus steel. We offer several styles, but this one has been the most popular. Pairing the rose gold with the dark gray layered steel is striking. That’s why the Kobe Damascus & Red Gold ring is so popular.

The technique of making Damascus steel originally was used in making swords and knives in Damascus, Syria many centuries ago. The material is composed of two types of stainless steel (one softer and one harder), folded over and over to create several layers. Then it goes through an acid treatment which eats away at the softer steel, thus allowing the folded pattern to display. Very cool, right?

Heres what a couple happy customers had to say:

  • This is a gorgeous ring with a unique design. The stark contrast of the gold inlay really makes this ring. - Amanda S. (purchased for her fiance)

  • This ring is unique and has a stylish contemporary look and I was drawn to it the minute I saw it. - Donald C.

One thing to keep in mind if you are ordering the Kobe, or any of our Damascus rings, is that they are individually hand crafted as you order them. So allow yourself about 3 – 4 weeks for delivery.


PANZER, Tungsten and Black Diamonds

This ring is made of tungsten carbide and set with round brilliant black diamonds. The design is very modern, even futuristic to some. Tungsten has a very heavy masculine feel to it. Youll definitely know when you have it on. If you like masculine, but modern, this might be for you. Its also one of our more popular rings on pinterest as well.

An engineering marvel.


One delighted customer (Roberto M.) reached out to me in an email and said, I really like the precision milled look and the way the black diamonds stand out against the white-ish metal.

Hopefully, this helps you, at least a little bit, with your ring choice. At least youll know what other folks like the best.

On the issue of getting the correct fit, did you know we offer a free 90 day size exchange? So you dont have to stress too much wondering if your ring is going to fit just right. Should the ring be too large or too small well take care of you. You just pay for the shipping and we will exchange your ring for a different size.

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