Top 5 Trends in Men’s Wedding Bands for 2016 | A Ring of Truth

Top 5 Trends in Men’s Wedding Bands for 2016 | A Ring of Truth

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Top 5 Trends in Men’s Wedding Bands for 2016

Guy’s wedding band styles continue to change. What your dad wore for his wedding band is assuredly different than what you will be wearing today. Fashion styles are fluid and are always evolving, even in the most traditional areas like men’s jewelry.

Remember (if you are old enough!) back in the 1970s and earlier, it was traditional for a guy to wear a plain yellow gold band. In the late 1980s we started to see guys adding a few diamonds to their yellow wedding rings. In the 1990s guys started gravitating to white metals — white gold and platinum. Early 2000s saw the meteoric rise of contemporary metals, beginning with titanium. So whats been hot lately?

Here are the top five trends weve seen the past few months for mens wedding bands.


I think its the masculine appeal of a textured or distressed finish that draws guys. But soon-to-be-grooms are definitely really digging textures on their rings now. Designers are picking up on this and creating an explosion of new designs featuring rugged finishes. Having a textured finish on your ring hides the normal scratches from wear. Distressed surfaces are hot now.

Cobalt & Meteorite Wedding Band

Cobalt & Meteorite Wedding Band by Lashbrook

The Dark Side

Guys are wearing darker colored rings, from charcoal gray to black. Black titanium, black zirconium, and oxidized Damascus steel are leading the pack. Some white metals, such as sterling silver and white gold, are being oxidized to create drama. Pairing the oxidation with a textured finish creates a really cool aged look.

Gemstones are going black too: black diamonds, black sapphires and black spinels are accenting many wedding bands today.

Theres a new player in the field now and its pretty cool. Elysium, by Lashbrook, is jet black in color and made of created diamond. So its incredibly hard too.

Black Tungsten Wedding Band with Black Sapphires by Triton

Edgy Materials

How would you like your ring to be from outer space? You can have one. Meteorite has been getting all kind of love from guys lately. Its got a really cool look and story. How about a ring made out of fossilized dinosaur bone? Yep. And we are selling tons of rings made out of the same stuff that Samurai swords were made of — Damascus steel. Pretty cool stuff here.

Damascus Steel Wedding Band with Cocobollo Wood by Lashbrook

Rose Gold

Guys who are looking for a precious metal are considering rose, or red, gold. It has a gorgeous hue, and looks killer on any skin tone. Its precious: either 58% (14K) or 75% (18K) pure gold. So it has enduring value. And its different than their fathers gold band. Kind of a fresh update on the classic.

14K Rose Gold Ring with Tree Bark Finish by J.R. Yates

Have it Your Way

I used to say custom design was the way of the future. Well, that future is now. Many guys get stoked about being able to design their own ring. Its pretty special to know that your ring is the only onelike it out there. You work with us to create a completely unique wedding band. You choose the materials, the shape, the texture, the design. The possibilities are endless. Some guys don’t want to start from scratch, but will customize one of our existing designs. Make it uniquely theirs. Its fun and the end result is a ring that is very special.

Customizable Fathers Ring by J.R. Yates


Today, you have more choices for your wedding band than any time in history. With so many options, it can be difficult to choose. Need help? Contact us.

We love helping folks learn about their wedding ring options and helping them to get the best one! It’s been our passion it since 1988.

Discover your favorite man’s wedding band now!


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