Titanium Ring Stops a Bullet!  Really. | A Ring of Truth

Titanium Ring Stops a Bullet! Really. | A Ring of Truth

Seriously folks, this really happened. Back in 2007 a customer of ours relayed a very scary experience that had happened to him. It involved a loaded gun, a bullet and his titanium wedding band. Bullet with ring

Here’s the story. David Bradshaw, of Baytown, Texas, worked in an industrial setting where incredibly heavy equipment was being used. Understandably, he wanted a wedding band that could stand up to the rigors of his work. A ring of gold, platinum or silver would be destroyed rather quickly. So David decided upon a wedding band of titanium.

Now here is where the story gets scary. David was handling his .40 caliber handgun when it accidentally discharged. Yikes! His left hand was unfortunately over the end of the barrel. So the gun fired, the bullet ripped through his pinky finger and then hit his titanium wedding band. Although his pinky finger would later be amputated, his ring finger was saved. His titanium ring stopped the bullet in it’s tracks.

Yes, he lost his pinky finger. That really sucks. But, look at the bright side. Without his wearing of the titanium ring he would have lost another finger, his ring finger, as well.

Also interesting to note that when I asked David how his ring fared, he said “there wasn’t even a scratch. Just a tiny round discoloration spot. Which went away after a short while.” No ding, no dent.

You can listen to the interview with Mr. Bradshaw here


Two lessons we learn here:

  1. Be very careful when handling your firearms.
  2. Wear a titanium ring.

Sure this story sounds crazy, possibly made up. But it did happen. Let’s hope it doesn’t happen to anyone else…

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