The Shrinkage Factor | A Ring of Truth

The Shrinkage Factor | A Ring of Truth

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Cold Weather Brings More Lost Rings. Cold weather is here. And it brings on what I call the shrinkage factor. (No, I’m not talking about THAT.) Colder temperatures effect your body, obviously. When your body is colder, your fingers naturally constrict. Thus the meaty part of your finger gets a bit smaller. Then your rings get loose. Loose rings turn into lost rings.

If your ring was a bit loose during the summer when humidity was higher, then you could have a problem when temperatures drop. Let’s do a quick test and see how your rings fit. Go ahead and take them off. See if they easily slide off the knuckle. There should be a bit of resistance. Maybe even a twist or two to get them off. If your rings comes off without any effort, then they could easily fall off without you even knowing it. Especially if you are wearing and removing gloves. Gloves and loose rings – a bad combination.

On the subject of gloves, I would remiss in not mentioning another danger. Gloves can be your rings worst enemy. The inside of gloves can snag prongs on your rings, and diamonds (or other gemstones) can become loose and then fall out. So when you are removing your gloves, pay attention to make sure you don’t snag and pull a prong.

So what to do? Go visit your trusted jeweler. Get your ring sized down to fit you properly. And have the jeweler inspect your prongs with a jewelers loupe to make sure all the prongs are nice and tight. Spending a few bucks on this is a much better alternative than (a) heartache caused by losing your sentimental ring or diamond and (b) the cost of replacing them.

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