Reminiscing about Paris… | A Ring of Truth

Reminiscing about Paris… | A Ring of Truth

Mechelle and Ron Yates

Mechelle and J.R. Yates in Paris. Courtesy of ArtCarved Bridal.

Well, it’s been a year since Mechelle and I won the ArtCarved Paris Sweepstakes. Time goes by too fast.

I ran across this picture on my computer and it brought back all the great memories from that trip. For those of you that don’t know the details, ArtCarved is a bridal jewelry and wedding band designer in New York. We sell their mens wedding bands of tungsten and palladium on our website. And we sell ArtCarved Engagement Rings in our store and our website.

ArtCarved ran a sales contest in 2012, and the sales associate who sold the most ArtCarved jewelry won a free trip to Paris. Well, guess what – Mechelle won! (And bless her heart, she took ME.) Neither Mechelle nor I have won anything before, so this was really out of the ordinary for us.

The trip included air fare for 2, a nice hotel, transfers, vouchers for Eiffel Tower dinner, a Seine River cruise, and a private cooking class with a French Chef. The cooking class was really great, we made three gourmet desserts and I got to (try to) eat them all!

Since we were already in France, we decided to extend the trip and went to the Provence area after we were done with Paris. I’ve got to tell you, Provence is amazingly beautiful and we loved it! Spent 4 nights in St. Remy and explored the area. Then on to St. Tropez for 4 nights. Rented scooters and explored the area. We really enjoyed taking them into some of the walled midieval cities. There was a western Europe Harley convention of sorts going on in St. Tropez so there were thousands of Harley riders in the area. We would pull to a stop sign with a group of bad Harley riders and revv our little scooter engines up. We kinda felt a camaraderie since we were on our hogs too…

Wish ArtCarved was sending us back to Paris. Or anywhere for that matter. The memories are lasting. And thank you to all our customer’s who allowed us to help them with their jewelry purchase so we were able to win the trip. As great as the trip was, it means more to me to be able to earn the trust of our customers and have the opportunity to help them with such an important purchase as wedding rings.

Heartfelt thanks to you all.

Scooter with a man next to it

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