Meteorite Rings – Hot Trend in Men’s Wedding Bands | A Ring of Truth

Meteorite Rings – Hot Trend in Men’s Wedding Bands | A Ring of Truth

Are you looking for a wedding band that is unique, hip and modern? Something thats not mass produced and is made with billion year old material from space? Sounds pretty cool. What Im talking about are meteorite rings. Yes, rings made with genuine meteorite.

First lets talk about what is a meteorite. Meteorite is basically fragments of rock that fell from space. Most of these fragments were caused by two asteroids colliding. During their centuries long cooling period they developed a really beautiful crystalline pattern known as the “Widmanstatten” pattern. Once the fragments entered into our gravitational force, scientists estimate that they traveled at a speed of 7 miles per second.

Guys are fascinated with unusual materials with texture and earthiness. Mens jewelry designers are always trying to push the envelope trying to incorporate new exciting materials in their creations. And a few of them have started using meteorite recently in their rings. And they are really cool. Guys love the organic nature of meteorite; the fact that the material is rare and not man made. It has a masculine appeal.

Meteorite ring

Meteorite and Cobalt Ring

Even David Yurman, one of the most successful jewelry designers in this country, recently began making mens rings using meteorite. They are exceptionally well designed. One of our favorite designers, Lashbrook, also began creating mens meteorite ringsa couple of years ago.

I had wondered, however, would other guys really buy these for their wedding bands? Well, I have to tell you that each month we sell more and more of them. These are becoming the hottest trend in mens wedding bands.

I feel its important for shoppers to stick with Gibeon meteorite because of its superior Widmanstatten pattern. The Gibeon meteorite comes from only one area in the world that I know of – Namibia, Africa. And they arent making any more of it. Its a limited supply. With the increased demand now, I believe we will see price increases very soon on the Gibeon meteorite material.

Rose gold meteorite ring on hand

Rose Gold & Meteorite Ring

So if you are in the market for a wedding band you should consider meteorite. You can pair it with a precious metal – white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or platinum. Add a diamond or three to it. Get creative on the design of the ring. That way you can make a truly one of a kind ring that is out of this world! Let us help you.

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