Do Titanium Rings Scratch? | A Ring of Truth

Do Titanium Rings Scratch? | A Ring of Truth

This is a question folks have been asking us since we started selling titanium rings in 2002. Many people have the notion that titanium rings are scratch proof. Are they? Nope, they are definitely not scratch proof. So, why do some people think that they are?

The reason is that people get the attributes of titanium a bit mixed up. Titanium is extremely strong, but it is not extremely hard. You see there is a difference between ‘hard’ and ‘strong’. Titanium is not that hard really. Yes, it’s harder than gold, silver or platinum, but it’s not hard like tungsten carbide. On the Mohs scale of hardness it is 6.5. (Tungsten is 8.5-9.0 range.) At 6.5 Mohs it can and does scratch.

Scratched titanium ring

scratched titanium wedding band

Now about the ‘strong’ part. I mentioned that titanium is strong. It’s incredibly strong. Has amazing tensile strength. Because of it’s strength you won’t dent a titanium ring. You won’t bend it or misshape it while wearing it. It will not crack, or chip. But yes, it will scratch.

During the normal course of wearing a titanium ring you will notice small scratches starting to appear. This is normal. The first few scratches on your titanium ring might startle you. But over time the ring will develop a natural even satin patina over the whole ring.

Can titanium rings be refinished?

You bet they can. Pretty easily for a jeweler to take your “patina-ed” ring and bring it back to new condition with a high polish mirror finish. We do this for our customers all the time. Usually takes us about 10 – 15 minutes to bring the ring back to new condition.

If your ring had a satin finish you can even do this yourself at home. Buy a nylon pad (like a Scotch-Brite) at your local hardware or grocery store. Then simply rub the pad back and forth over the ring to restore the soft brush finish. Rinse off and take a look. Lo and behold your ring looks great again!

Titanium rings have a ton of benefits. They are hypoallergenic, lightweight and comfy on the finger, have incredible strength (great for tension setting diamonds), but yes, they do scratch. But they can easily be repolished!

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