Customer Insists On Buying Our Manager A Drink.  From 1965 miles away. | A Ring of Truth

Customer Insists On Buying Our Manager A Drink. From 1965 miles away. | A Ring of Truth

We love our customers. We love helping them get the perfect wedding ring. And sometimes they love us back.That makes it all worthwhile.

Yes, we do jump through hoops for our customers. They ask us to do crazy things sometimes. Like the guy who decides to get married on Friday (and needs his ring by Thursday evening) and orders his wedding band Wednesday afternoon – after UPS picks up. But we get it there. Or the customer that needs us to extend her 90 day return privilege. We did it. The fellow who needs a Hallmark card put in the package with a special hand written message. Check. The folks who ask us to snap a quick picture of the ring on our finger and text it to them. Check again. And the countless customers who call begging for us to call UPS and reroute packages. We get on it like the chubby kid at the donut shop. Scott with his drink

We know our customers appreciate the extra effort. But sometimes they go the extra mile in showing us their appreciation. The latest example happened about a week ago. Scott Mackey, our Operations manager, received a large, heavy box here at the store. When Scott opened up the box he was flabbergasted when he saw, much to his delight, 5 bottles of premium liquor. Yes, some top shelf booze.

Here’s the background on this story. A very nice fellow, C.J. Lemke, from Minnesota had a great experience working with Scott in purchasing a titanium wedding ring. C.J. was so happy with Scott’s above and beyond service that he wanted to thank him.

“Scott, You helped me personally get a engagement ring, and were wonderful to work with…” - C.J.

C.J. asked Scott what his favorite adult beverage was (Scott loves a good Long Island Iced Tea!) and said he really wanted to buy Scott a drink as a thank you. But with Scott being in Modesto, California and C.J. being in Minnesota that would be difficult.

A few days later the package shows up – with all the ingredients to make a killer Long Island. Can you believe it? Wow, just so cool. Yes, we do love our customers!

Alcoholic drinks on the counter

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