Get To Know Adam Rosenberg – VP of Making You Happy | A Ring of Truth

Get To Know Adam Rosenberg – VP of Making You Happy | A Ring of Truth

Having been in the jewelry industry since 1988, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and working with many great folks. One of my absolute favorites is Adam Rosenberg of Edward Mirell. A highlight of attending jewelry trade shows is to be able to visit with Adam. We always have a great time!

Adam is such an interesting character that I wanted my customers to get to know a little bit about him. Below is a question & answer session we had. Enjoy!


Adam, tell us your role at Edward Mirell?

I am fortunate enough to serve as brand ambassador and advocate for the Edward Mirell Brand. It is my responsibility to make sure that the vision of delivering the highest quality product and the industrys most innovative materials and processes to our collective consumer. I am 4th generation in the jewelry industry and 2nd generation in Contemporary Metal, some call alternative metals, but we feel strongly that this material category is alternative to nothing else. They are stronger, biocompatible, versatile, eco-friendly and simply cooler.

Together with my amazing team here at Edward Mirell we get to deliver the most compelling breadth and depth of fashion jewelry and wedding bands unmatched in our industry. It is our responsibility to ensure that we are always looking forward to the next innovation in design and materials to bring to market and there truly is no more exciting seat to be in than that, so I take my role here to heart and with great pride. (Which is why we love partners like you Ron, you deliver the same to your customers.our shared audience!)


So what is your official title?

Well Ron, I am not a big believer in titles, one of my favorite reads is The Leader Who Had No Title by Robin Sharma. So today my title here is VP of Making You Happy. I love that the end result of our work is delivering happiness to consumers. Who does not love giving or receiving a beautiful, crafted and cool piece of jewelry. The end result of the work we do Ron is putting a smile on someones face and knowing that we have made someone feel special, love, cool and/or excited! How great is that when you bring it down to the level of someone opening that box for the first time and the feeling the person gets when they put on that piece Edward Mirell jewelry!

So we dream it up here, we sketch an idea on paper, we CAD that piece up, we run a pilot test sample and then after we all have blessed it, we run it to production and delivery it to you to share with our evangelist out there and they fall in love with it, they marry the person of their dreams with it, they share that gift with someone to let them know they love them. That is the thing that I enjoy most about my job, I am blessed for that!


What was your first job?

My first job, I was child slave labor (I say that somewhat jokingly-My father paid us with candy) here at Spectore at age 10, where we manufacture the Edward Mirell Brand.

Adam and Eddie Rosenberg

Adam & Eddie, Two Great Guys

I was stuffing envelopes to send out marketing material and catalogs to be shipped to retailers. This was before we really dove into the Mens market and introduced the Edward Mirell brand. I also then traveled and worked trade show events during summers breaks from school with my father. Ironically, I did not officially start working here until I was 37. I wanted to make sure I had gained experience outside of a family business before joining. I was an executive for a Fortune 500 in the Telecommunication industry prior to coming here at 37.

Ron: Sounds like my story, working for dad. Child labor laws don’t apply to owners kids, he said!


Have you worked with any celebs?

In order to bring attention to the Edward Mirell brand I have been able to meet some fun and exciting actors, athletes and musicians and shared some of our amazing Edward Mirell pieces with them. We have fans like, James Woods, John Cryer, David Guetta (who later wrote a song called Titanium-coincidence??), the cast of The Office and many others.


You guys manufacture private label jewelry for other brands. Can you share who some of these brands are?

I wished I were able to share, but we call them private label because they appreciate our integrity in keeping their anonymity. I will say we manufacture for a broad number of some of the worlds most recognized brands. When I travel and am sitting in the board rooms of these brands, I am humbled and proud of the partners we get to work with and they are wonderful!! Basically any company that understands the importance of this material category and wants to make sure they are delivering their customers the most intelligent and best quality in materials and processes, come to us to make it for them.

We introduced Contemporary Metals to market, we have multiple decades of experience ahead of other companies that have jumped into the ring with us, and we never rest on our laurels to make sure we always stay ahead of them. I celebrate any other company that comes into the mix in an effort to help elevate this category, sadly what I have witnessed is most have come in and attempted to bring it to its lowest common denominator. This tends to happen in many markets though. People see something in market, jump in to try to make a buck with no passion for what they are doing or vision or integrity on where to take it. We do not focus on those companies though. We are always looking forward, this allows us to be hyper focused on bringing greatness to market for Edward Mirell and our private label partners.


Whats it like to work with your father Eddie?

Ron: Sometimes the dynamics of running a family business can be challenging. Are you and Eddie able to have a close relationship outside of work?

I have always been in awe of what my father has created. I have always likened him to the Steve Jobs of the jewelry world. He saw an opportunity to introduce and entirely new category of materials to an industry that had not seen change in over 3,000 years. He met great resistance for many years before consumers fell in love with these materials and basically forced retailers to embrace them. You see Steel, Titanium, Cobalt and a host of other new materials in every retail channel today as a result of his vision.

Ron: I agree, Eddie is a true maverick in the jewelry industry. And a really cool guy on many fronts. Never a dull moment around Eddie! I think it’s a blessing you two get to share this passion together.

Adam: Part of the reason I waited until I was 37 to join was because I did not want to have friction with him. I am glad I waited too, as he and I are evolved enough to celebrate what we each bring to the table now. I could not ask for a better mentor in this industry than him and we have had a great time traveling the world and sharing what we now do together. When you love what you do, it is hard to turn off, so we have never found that as an obstacle, but we also have lots of shared interests, like reading, riding motorcycles, golf, art and many other things, but yes we tend to bring everything back to what we do and create.


What would you be doing if you werent in the jewelry business?

Interesting question, but it would almost be like asking an artist what they would be doing if they couldnt paint. I have fallen in love with what I do, so I suppose I have married my work, til death do us part.


How did you develop your sense of style?

Ron: Adam, youve been on the cover of multiple jewelry magazines. Editors love featuring you because you are very photogenic and are the perfect model for mens jewelry. How did you develop your sense of style?

Adam: Ron, you are way too kind, but thank you I will pocket that compliment, I did have an in with the designer to get the cover.

I have always had a love for fashion from head to toe. Shopping is one of my favorite past times and I particularly love items that have a voice, things that not everyone else has. If it is something mainstream, I will usually run in the other direction. Style is something that is very personal, so I celebrate anyone who can express themselves and let people read who they are by how they present themselves. I have been fortunate to have traveled a lot and have gained exposure to a wide breadth of cultures and styles. I have picked and add those things that would stir me on some emotional level and add that to my palette.


You are known as a snappy dress. Who is your favorite clothing designer?

I love Desiqual, Custo, Ron Tomson brand, John Varatos and Lucky. (Ron am I going to catch you wearing some Desigual next time I see you?)

Sean and Adam Rosenberg

Adam and partner Sean

I also love finding something that jumps out at me from an unknown designer. There are many cool brands come into market with a clear voice and slowly melt into a mainstream of what everyone else is making, which I find crushing.


What is on the near horizon for you and Edward Mirell / Spectore?

We are moving more and more into the marriage of Contemporary metals and Precious metals. We are also launching new luxury variations of Carbon Fiber like nothing else you have seen before in market. Beyond that our team here at Spectore/ Edward Mirell always has a list of whats next that we are vetting out and fine tuning to make sure it makes sense to deliver. There is a significant amount of leg work, testing and R&D that goes into any project before we share it with you all.

Hope you enjoyed getting to know Adam a little bit. I’m sure you’ll be hearing a lot more from him in the near future as he and Eddie are continuously pushing the envelope in the Contemporary Metals jewelry arena.

Ron Yates and Adam Rosenberg

Catching up with Adam at JCK Las Vegas Jewelry Show

You can check out some of the Edward Mirell contemporary jewelry here.

Keep your eyes peeled for exciting new collections that they are cooking up down in South Florida!

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