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Our selection of black zirconium wedding bands is perfect for guys who want a sleek, modern look for their ring. Many guys haven't really worn a ring daily before getting married, so they want a style they can be excited to wear day after day, year after year. If that sounds like you, be sure to check out this selection of black zirconium wedding rings from Titanium Jewelry. These rings have a deep black color that is absolutely stunning. Even men who don't care much for fashion often fall for these rings due to the masculine, modern look.
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Black Zirconium & Distressed Copper Hammered Ring by Lashbrook
Hammered Copper
by Lashbrook Designs

$489.00 $549.00
So what makes black zirconium special? Zirconium is a natural element usually found in Australia and South Africa. It has certain properties, like a super high resistance to corrosion, that have made it a popular material in the space, medical and aeronautic industries. Because it's biocompatible and non-toxic, it's a safe choice for those who are concerned about their health. It's also incredibly durable and nearly impossible to scratch, which is also a plus for guys who like sports and other rugged activities.

Besides these features, zirconium offers that cool black color. Despite being natural grayish silver in appearance when mined, zirconium gets its unique black tone from an oxidation process. During this step of making each ring, the zirconium is subjected to extreme heat, which turned the surface black. Because the black hue is added with oxidation and not another process, the color is permanent and will not fade, tarnish or otherwise change color. That grayish silver tone still lies beneath the surface, however, so a diamond tool can cut through to create a two-tone appearance. Other black zirconium wedding bands have a unique inlay made of meteorite, copper or another attractive material.

If black zirconium sounds like the perfect match for what you want in a wedding ring, be sure to shop at Titanium Jewelry. You�ll get easy 15-day returns in case you change your mind along with a 5 year warranty.

Want to create a custom black zirconium wedding band? Contact us. We would love to help you build a ring that is uniquely you. Send us your idea or sketch and we can make it happen.

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