Black Titanium Ring. Black Titanium Cufflinks. And… Black Titanium Toothbrush??

We’ve been selling black titanium jewelry since 2002. Black titanium rings, cufflinks,

Black Titanium Toothbrush

The worlds most expensive toothbrush.

bracelets and necklaces. I thought I’ve seen it all in the world of black titanium. Until now….

You know what you need if you already own a black titanium ring? A black titanium toothbrush. A friend recently told me to go check out Reincast, ( a German toothbrush manufacturer who makes these really cool dental hygienic instruments in titanium.

So I figured I better check these out. I am probably due for a new toothbrush anyhow. Wow – was I in for a shock! These puppies are selling for over $4,000! Yes, that’s correct. For real. I don’t think my dentist (bless your heart Dr. Brent Bell…) is going to give these away.

Ok, so I understand German engineering is expensive. And I understand the benefits of titanium – being bio-compatible it is a great choice to use it in your mouth. And it’s cool that Reincast gives you 5 new replacement bristle heads every six months. But still, $4,000??

So if you’ve got some extra cash to spare for brushing your teefers, as my daughter used to call them, you’ll have the baddest, sickest brush on your block.



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