Black Diamond Jewelry for Men

Black Diamonds for men. Modern and distinctive designs in contemporary metals: Titanium, Tungsten, Argentium Sterling Silver, Stainless and 14K white gold. Designed for the guy who wants a little personality out of his jewelry. Shopping for a wedding band? Consider one of these black diamond rings. Sleek and stylish, experience the darker side of diamond jewelry with black diamonds. Looking for womens black diamond jewelry?
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About black diamonds:

Diamonds come in every color under the rainbow - including black. However, there are two main ways a diamond is black in color.

The first method is the diamond is naturally black colored. The official name for this type of stone is carbonado. A characteristic of these stones is that they are more porous than other diamonds. They have a high composition of graphite which causes the black color. These natural gems are typically found in alluvial deposits in Brazil and the Central African Republic.

The other type of black diamond is one that has been enhanced used irradiation, or some sort of heat treatment, to darken the diamond color. The diamonds are natural stones, mined from the earth. They typically start out as highly included gray colored. Then after the enhancement are a jet black color.

Black diamonds are much less expensive than the other colors. The main reason is that they are heavily included. They have low clarity (which is one of the 4 Cs of diamond value). So they are a good value - you get a bigger diamond for your dollar.

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