About Black Titanium

What is It?

Titanium is naturally a grayish white color. In order to achieve the beautiful black color, black titanium employs a process using Black-Ti™. Black-Ti™ is a proprietary titanium alloy composed of rare earth metals, strategic elements, and an insignificant amount of trace elements. This distinctive alloy is far more costly than other titanium products due to the rarity of the alloy materials.
black titanium rings black titanium rings
All of the alloy materials are inert but extremely reactive at high temperatures, and must be processed at every stage in very tightly controlled environments. This a revolutionary alloy even within the Titanium World. Black-Ti™ is a registered trademark of Spectore Corp.

Black Titanium is not an applied coating.

Rather it is formed from the outside inward. It is a result of the chemistry between the Black-Ti™ alloy, temperature and atmospheric conditioning.

It has been compared to a ceramic like surface, resisting scratches. However, it is not scratch proof. With heavy wear and tear the outer black titanium shell can be nicked. Because of the increased hardness, and to address the concern of cutting the ring off in case of emergency, the thickness of the blackened portion does not go all the way through the ring. .

Black Titanium jewelry is cutting edge fashion.

Black-Ti™ is revolutionizing the jewelry market because it opens up a whole new world of exciting new designs and looks. The contrast between the shiny jet black color of the black titanium jewelry and the diamonds and gemstones is incredible. Many of our customers say the diamond in their new black titanium ring actually looks bigger and brighter compared to a similar setting in gold, platinum or grey titanium. Now your diamond can really “pop”! View black titanium rings

Black Titanium is unique.

Black-Ti™ is the only non-coated, completely nickel free and inert titanium alloy that can be processed black. Many competitors have tried unsuccessfully to copy the Black-Ti™ with poor results. Imitators sell black titanium jewelry that easily scratches off and eventually fades. Our black titanium rings are the only ones that will stay black forever. They stand up exceptionally well to typical wear. Compared to traditional jewelry materials, black titanium keeps it's high polished look for many years.

Black Titanium is Extremely Durable.

Your new black titanium ring or jewelry, will hold up to a lifetime of wear. This patented alloy is not a coating. It's heat and atmospherically treated to a black ceramic surface. It has passed all wear tests performed by companies such as Motorola and Dell. It does not fade nor scratch easily. In cases of extreme wear, scratches or nicks may show up on the bottom of the ring. In this case, you can send the ring in for refinishing at a nominal fee plus shipping expenses.

What is Black Titanium Cable?

The black cable used in the Edward Mirell jewelry is the result of years of research and development. The titanium memory alloy used in making the cable is the same material used for a multitude of revolutionary products ranging from stints, eye wear, as well host of medical and industrial applications. Its composition and metallurgical properties are entirely different from the patented Black-Ti™ alloy.

black titanium cable jewelry black titanium cable jewelry

Titanium memory metal is exactly what its name implies. It's a titanium alloy which has extraordinary shape memory that will withstand distortion and deformation. It will retain its resilience through just about any circumstance or application. Its memory is instilled at extreme temperatures and formed on liquid cooled forming devices engineered to specific shapes. It will not change shape unless it is reformed at still higher temperatures.

The black color is an alloy oxide and, though it is relatively tenacious and reasonably durable, it may show abrasion on the most exposed and vulnerable areas over time.

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Where is Black Titanium made?

This fascinating material was pioneered by Spectore Corporation, headed by Edward Rosenberg who developed the patented alloy, Black Ti. To our knowledge Spectore Corporation is the only jewelry manufacturer within the U.S. that makes genuine black titanium. Spectore's designer brand is "Edward Mirell". All of their jewelry is made in Deerfield Beach, Florida.

Spectore Corporation in Deerfield Beach, FL

Spectore Corporation in Deerfield Beach, FL
Where beautiful black titanium is made

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