Edward Mirell Black Titanium Cable Band

Black Titanium Cable Band

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Is there anything cooler than the combination of gray titanium and cable? We think not. This truly unique tungsten band features a black titanium cable inlay surrounded by cool silver-toned titanium — a signature Edward Mirell pairing — that wraps all the way around the ring. Four evenly spaced titanium barrel connectors complement the ring’s stunning design. The Edward Mirell Barrel Black Titanium Cable Band makes the perfect unique men’s wedding band, especially for grooms-to-be who like their jewelry a little bit industrial and edgy. Titanium Jewelry has some sizes in stock, but we require an extra one to two weeks for other sizes. You can always contact us for more information.

  • 7 millimeters wide
  • Titanium band and black ti cable inlay
  • Lifetime guarantee

Designer:Edward Mirell
Metal:Grey Titanium
Inlay:Black Titanium Cable
Finish:Polished / Shiny
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Avg. Customer Rating:               (based on 27 reviews)

By Kevin Allen on Fri, 17 Mar 2017
Second purchase with great communication, but even a better product.

By Mandabear on Fri, 20 Apr 2012
In looking around for the perfect wedding band to get my fiance, I found this ring. It is very similar to other rings I have seen but this one is different, unique. The cable part of the ring is actually welded into place with a small bridge. This prevents the cable from popping out of the ring accidentally. Perfect for my mechanic fiance.

By robbie on Sun, 15 Apr 2012
best wedding band ever

By Ibewjm on Fri, 18 Nov 2011
This ring has been on my finger for almost two years. From working on cars, to rebuilding a basement and laying cement it cleans up and looks good, soap & water and a towel - that's it. It is a thick ring, as a friend said "the other fingers know about that ring" but if feels great. I do have to remove it when I play guitar. Sizing was fine.

By Jerrad on Wed, 28 Sep 2011
this ring is very "Masculine" and its different.....

By Nikko on Thu, 12 May 2011
this is the perfect unique wedding band for me. i love this ring-and more importantly, so does my wife!

By JOESPH on Wed, 6 Apr 2011

By Dave on Sat, 27 Nov 2010
This was purchased so that I could wear it during cold weather and motm fall off. I have the exact ring in 1/2 size larger. Both rings are very well made. I am glad to see that the barrels have been "pinned" to prevent movement (slight issue with a previous ring). So far, an excellent ring that I am very happy with. (NOTE: only 4 stars given as it is to early to se how it holds up to my use)

By justheat on Mon, 22 Nov 2010
my husbend loves the ring. but the black on the cable comes off. he has only had his about a year. need to find another way to keep the color on there.

By ROXY on Mon, 15 Nov 2010
COMMENT: Lost my other ring and wanted to replace it with the same one. by Gus R 8/28/2014
COMMENT: It suits my style...<br /><br />Not that I wear suits...<br /><br />Even one at a time... by L W 11/11/2012
COMMENT: I picked this item because it has a great style it is not too fancy or to simple and looks like it would be a great ring. by Fritz F 9/23/2012
COMMENT: because my husband liked the look of it by raquel r 5/16/2012
COMMENT: We chose this item because it was a masculine design and appears to be very sturdy. by Michelle P 3/20/2012
COMMENT: it is different from other rings in the same price range by Adam W 2/3/2012
COMMENT: This ring was exactly what my fiance was looking for as 'his ring' by amanda w 1/23/2012
COMMENT: wedding band by rob d 1/21/2012
COMMENT: This ring just really caught my eye. Very diferent. Very masculine. I purchased this as a replacement wedding band for my husband. He is a rugged individual and this ring just really seemed to fit his personality. It has a good weighty/quality feel when you hold it, not flimsy at all. Extremely happy with this purchase! by S U 11/23/2011
COMMENT: Unique looking. by K A 11/20/2011
QUESTION: I'm concerned about the cable breaking since I've read of this happening when I've seen the ring at other stores...but those cables may be sterling silver and not titanium. Anyone had any problems with the cable fraying and poking them or snagging? by Michele G 8/23/2013
ANSWER: I've owned two of these rings since 2010 and never had a problem with the cable at all. One I wear for work which I use a lot of hand tools so I don't need to worry if it gets scratched up the other I wear when going out. If your only concern is the cable I would highly recommend this ring but if you work with your hands a lot you might wanna get a second ring because the high polish loses its luster. I think there is some knock off rings out there that people are having the problems with if your getting it from this site you should have no problem.<br /><br />Rob D by rob d 8/29/2013
ANSWER: I've given mine what would be considered rough use by any standard. That includes working with my hands building cabinets my day job, turning wrenches on my truck & dirt bike etc.my after work fun <br />The cable isn't as black as it was at first, & the ring needs a good polishing, but there has been no sign of the cable fraying, or otherwise malfunctioning in any way. by L W 8/23/2013
STAFF ANSWER: This ring comes with a lifetime warranty against structural damage which would include the black titanium cables. The titanium cables would definitely outlast silver cables by a lifetime. We have an extremely low repair rate on this model - which is a good sign. With normal wear it would be highly unlikely that the cables will fray or break. by Scott M 8/23/2013
ANSWER: I have purchased this ring and have not had a problem with the ring fraying or snagging. It is a nice ring!!! by T E 8/23/2013
ANSWER: Hey Michele,<br /> I'll have to keep you posted. We are getting married tomorrow! Gulp! Lol : by adrianna d 8/23/2013
REPLY: Good luck tomorrow! How exciting : by Michele G 8/23/2013
QUESTION: do you find that dirt or grease gets around the cable. also does the cable seem like it will ever come out of the setting by Karen W 11/18/2011
ANSWER: My fiance bought this ring for me over a year ago. I RARELY take it off my finger. It does not get dirty or greasy, the band has stayed shiny, and the cable has stayed black except for a little burnishing on the outermost surfaces. The cable has never seemed to get loose in the slightest. I like it very much. by E A 11/28/2011
ANSWER: Hi - <br />As far as the dirt goes, I'm sure my husband's ring could use a good cleaning as it is now over 1 year old . . . but ironically I just picked it up and looked at it this morning prior to seeing this email and thought how glad I was that I bought it because it still looks so nice!<br /><br />We have not had any issues with the ring whatsoever, including the cable. Still seems as secure as ever at this point.<br /><br />It's a very cool ring a replacement wedding band and we have received several comments with respect to how unusual it is.<br /><br />Hope that helps,<br />Suzann by S U 11/23/2011
ANSWER: My husband works as a laser mechanic and gets FILTHY at work. He hasn't had any issues with dirt/oil getting stuck in the ring - it cleans up easily.<br /><br />Recently the cable came out of the setting. It's not connected and can slip out of the ring if you pull it, but you wouldn't be able to tell unless you tried to remove it. even though it's broken it's still holding together just fine<br /><br />My brother in law also has this ring. His is still together had it for 2 years and hasn't had any issues with debris.<br /><br /><br />Hope this helps!<br />Courtney by C O 11/21/2011
ANSWER: Yes, it does get stuff embeded in there. But I just use an old toothbrush periodicaly and clean it out. I have had no trouble with the cable moving. I think it is in there very securely. It seems to be a good ring. I have no complaints about it and get lots of compliments. by K A 11/20/2011
ANSWER: This has been an amazing ring. My partner has had this ring for almost 2 years now. The only time she takes it off is to wash dishes or take a shower. There has never been any dirt or grease around the cable and the cable is still secure inside the ring. I don't ever see it coming out. I would highly recommend this unique ring to anyone!! by J A 11/19/2011
ANSWER: Hi,This was purchased as a wedding band and we were just married on 11-11-11 so I cant say for sure but so far dirt seems to wash out with ease and the cable is very tight. Can't see how it could come out. I love it : by T L 11/18/2011
ANSWER: The cable setting is the same as it was the day I bought it. I do mechanical work for a living and haven't had any trouble with stuff getting stuck in the band. The only difference I can see after over a year of abuse, is the cable isn't quite as dark as it was when new. by S E 11/18/2011
ANSWER: Gret ring. Wear it almost every day, no signs of dirt under cable. The cable has never moved, or even has appeared to move. Normal wear and tear on it from constant use. I highly recommend it. I am planning on buying another because I lost a lot of weight. by H O 11/18/2011
ANSWER: I have worn my ring pretty much non-stop since April 1st. There are no signs of dirt around the cable. The cable is securely wedged within the ring. I see no signs what-so-ever of it coming out. I truly enjoy this ring.<br /><br />The only thing I see as bad is that I lost about 60 pounds and now it is too big. I need to buy another one and plan to buy the same. by H O 11/18/2011
ANSWER: Actually I've worn this for over a year now and am not really easy on jewelry so to speak....I work outside a lot. I have had no problems with dirt or grease around the cable and after a year have had no concerns or problems with the cable.....tight as a drum, no way it will come out as it is soldered under each juncture point. by M A 11/18/2011
ANSWER: I have never had problems with dirt or grease around the band. The cable is secured very tight. The only issue I have had is with the black cable fading. It is almost silver in color now. by R O 11/18/2011
ANSWER: I Love the ring! Yes, sometimes stuff gets in the cable, especially lotion or soap, but it's easy to wash.... No, I doubt my ring will ever come apart, I don't think the cable will have any issues!<br />One thing though is I'm not used to wearing rings so it often feels a little bulky, but then again that's just my own personal preference... I often wear it on a chain around my neck. by L O 11/18/2011
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