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We want your experience to be perfect.

Before placing your order please make sure of your correct finger size. You can watch our ring sizing video or order our RING FINGER SIZER.

Note: When you are sizing your finger, please make sure that to remove the finger sizer off your the finger requires some light twisting. There must be some resistance otherwise your ring will end up being too large. Most customers who order the wrong size, end up ordering a ring TOO LARGE. To stop this from happening to you, please error on the side of the tighter (smaller) size. Our rings are comfort fit and this usually makes them fit looser than a non comfort fit ring by 1/2 size.

About Comfort Fit Rings

Many of our rings are comfort fit on the inside of the ring. This means there is a slight roundness to the inside of the ring allowing the center part to fit closer to the finger than the outer edges. A comfort fit ring will fit looser on the finger because it is not flat on the inside but rather rounded. Therefore when you are getting sized please use the narrow finger sizer which is 3 mm wide, (as opposed to the wider one of 6.5 mm.) This will provide a more accurate finger size than the wider sizers. Do not use the wider finger sizer as your ring will fit too loose. If you cannot get properly sized please order our RING FINGER SIZER.

"RING FOR LIFE" Lifetime Sizing Program

Because titanium and tungsten are some of nature's hardest and strongest elements, you can rest assured that your new titanium or tungsten ring purchase will continue to provide you comfort and enjoyment for your entire lifetime. By choosing one of our titanium or tungsten rings, you've selected the industry's new standard for excellence, noted for it's enduring styling, quality and craftsmanship and exclusive Lifetime Sizing policy.

When you receive your new ring from Titanium-Jewelry.com simply save a copy of your invoice. Then relax, knowing that no matter how much your finger size changes over time, our Lifetime Sizing program will insure that your titanium or tungsten ring will always fit comfortably. Should you ever find your titanium or tungsten ring to be either too large or too tight due to fluctuation in finger size, simply return it to us along with a copy of your invoice. Our program will provide a replacement ring promptly and your correct adjusted size.

The exchange charge is $59.00 to cover the refurbishing fees, plus $20 for shipping and handling. All payments are due at the time of exchange.

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