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Palladium, Platinum and White Gold Comparison

Palladium vs Platinum Palladium Wedding Ring Mens Palladium Wedding bands Palladium Wedding band
Price Similar to White Gold
Platinum Band
3x Price of Palladium
14k White Gold Band
Price Similar to Palladium

Very Afordable


Precious Metal

White Luster



Won't tarnish or Fade



95% 95% 41% - 75%

Rhodium Plated

Not Needed Not Needed Required for White Color

Mens Palladium Wedding Rings. A pure, rare, naturally white metal like platinum at white gold prices.

If your looking for a luxurious, pure, white metal that's in the platinum family, but for half the price? Titanium-Jewelry has exactly what's right for you: Palladium.

Palladium offers everything that platinum does: the natural white luster, and it's naturally hypoallergenic. But palladium doesn't have the high price tag of platinum.

In the past, the affordable alternative to platinum was white gold. Itís an alloy made of pure yellow gold mixed with other metals to make it white in color. Rhodium is then used to give the product a protective, shinier coat.

Although beautiful and durable, the rhodium wears off of the gold over time, and lotions, soaps and normal daily wear accelerate the process. To maintain the white finish the ring may need to be rhodium-plated by a jeweler as often as once a year.

We offer an incredible selection of mens palladium wedding rings, in styles that you thought you could only find in Platinum.

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