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Our Story

Yes, we are real people. And we are real jewelers. And we want to be your jeweler. I'll give you a quick version of our story. In 1988, my wife and I started our small family owned jewelry store, now known as Yates & Co Jewelers. In 2002, seeing the demand for modern wedding bands, such as titanium rings, we started Titanium-Jewelry.com.

We operate out of a real jewelry store - not some dingy office like some of the folks selling jewelry online. You can pop in and see the jewelry in person should you be in our area. We'll greet you with a cup of coffee and a home baked cookie.

Meet the Founder

Meet JR YATES Howdy! Great jewelry is my thing. I'm passionate about excellent jewelry design and I'm very picky. Which is good for you. And I'm driven in giving you the best online shopping experience that I can.

When I'm not working in the store, or improving our websites, I can usually be found riding my horse. Or working outside tending my garden. Discovering great wines is also high on the list. A perfect day would involve all the above.

You should check out my blog. It has some interesting observations and insights into the world of jewelry.
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Meet the Team

Want to know why a few (of the many!) reasons you should shop with us?
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