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Cobalt Rings

Cobalt Rings and Wedding Bands are the hottest trend in men's wedding rings. As bright as platinum, hypoallergenic and scratch resistant. Unlike many tungsten rings, cobalt rings will not crack or shatter. The look of platinum - but for a fraction of the price. Browse from America's finest cobalt ring designers. Each ring comes with a 90 day return, lifetime guarantee and lifetime size exchange.
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Looking for a high-end wedding band style at a budget-friendly price? A cobalt chrome wedding band might be the perfect fit for you. These bands have a beautiful, bright white color that is even brighter than platinum. The natural white color means that these rings never need re-plating, either. Each cobalt ring is polished to a very high luster to provide that ďwowĒ factor no matter what you wear it with. Because itís so bright and exhibits a high level of shine, cobalt chrome menís wedding rings look like some of the most expensive bands out there these days. But your secret is that you snagged this style at a fraction of the price by choosing cobalt chrome for your wedding ring material.

If youíve ever read cobalt womenís wedding bands or cobalt menís wedding bands reviews, youíll quickly learn that the reason many individuals opt for this type of ring is its durability. These rings are more scratch-resistant than expensive precious metals, so you can participate in active adventures without worrying too much about your ring. In fact, cobalt chrome rings are four times harder than platinum, five times harder than 14K gold and seven times harder than silver. They wonít crack or shatter, even upon a hard impact. Theyíre even hypoallergenic. So if youíre a guy who likes to live life on the edge, a cobalt chrome ring gives you the long-lasting quality youíre looking for.

Cobalt chrome rings are becoming increasingly popular for rings, particularly for menís wedding bands. By shopping at Titanium Jewelry, youíll get the best selection of these rings to commemorate your nuptials or another important event. Our selection includes white and black cobalt rings, plain bands, narrow and wide bands and other popular styles. Find a great fit for your style and your active lifestyle by choosing from these menís cobalt chrome wedding bands and rings.

Why Cobalt for Your Wedding Band?      
  • Bright white color - whiter than platinum!  
  • Scratch resistant! 
  • Hypoallergenic!

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