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Are you an outdoorsy guy (or gal)? These unique wedding bands feature camo inlays. Bring your passion for the outdoors to your wedding ring. These rings use only the officially licensed camo from RealTree and Mossy Oak. Crafted in lightweight modern materials such as titanium, black zirconium and cobalt. We can also customize a ring using white gold, rose gold or yellow gold. more Whether you are a naturalist or a hunter enjoy an earthy look with one of our custom camo rings.

The vivid 3D colors are produced using high resolution photography and photo realistic printing. The camouflage is made from hardened acrylic enamel. It is protected by applying multiple layers of high impact resin. Whereas some of the cheaper camo rings and camo wedding bands from other jewelry sellers scratch very easily, our rings go through more rigorous manufacturing methods. Besides using more layers of the hardened acrylic enamel than the other store's cheap camo rings, our rings also have slightly recessed inlays. This further protects the beautiful camo from wear and tear. Thus your camo ring will last longer and look better.

In the event your camo ring needs to be refinished, we will do this for free. You are only responsible for shipping charges. You get the idea - we want you to get a superior ring and we are here to take care of less
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How to take care of your Camo Ring

So you just bought a camo ring and you want it to look great for years and years, right? Of course! As durable as our rings are they are not indestructible. So please follow a few care tips below to insure longevity of your new camo ring.

Keep your camo ring away from chemicals.
Strong chemicals can eat away and break down the resin coating. So wear gloves (or take your ring off) before handling chemicals.

Be careful around abrasives.
This could be a brillo or scotchbrite pad, or Comet type cleanser. These will scratch your camo inlay. And that's no good for your ring.

Don't let your jeweler put it in the ultrasonic cleaner.
Yes, your jeweler is a great guy who likes to clean your rings for you. But keep the camo ring out of the sonic. Those things are no good for your camo inlay.

Use common sense.
If you are engaging in some extreme activity or work, remove your camo ring. You don't need to be operating a metal shop grinder wearing your ring. Or handling steel all day wearing your ring. Come on, show it some respect.

Cleaning your camo ring.
Gently clean your ring with warm water and soap. And towel dry it. Pretty simple.

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